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Access your business account online - anytime - from your business computer.Learn about energy conservation, rebates & incentives, electrical safety and more for your farm.Power Profiler can help you manage your business's energy use to control costs and maximize profits. As our business customer with interval data metering, you may use Power Profiler to produce customized electric load reports that include up to 25 months of electric use history.Stoughton Utilities offers participating businesses a financial incentive to reduce the strain on the electric system when the demand and price for power surges. View the current rate schedule for commercial and industrial electric service, as well as water and wastewater.Everything you need to know about Stoughton Utilities' billing, including starting or stopping service, billing policies and meter reading.We know that electric costs can be a significant part of your operating budget. Doing business in a public power community just makes sense. Commercial and industrial businesses have tremendous potential to realize cost savings through improving the energy efficiency of their facilities without sacrificing productivity.SU offers several services to help your business stay "green" and protect our environment.Learn about the incentive programs available to our business customers including cash-back rebates and opportunities.Learn about innovative solutions that will increase your company's productivity and profits.Take advantage of these convenient ways to pay your utility bill, including online billing, automatic withdrawals, budgeted payments and more.SU offers assistance finding and troubleshooting internal power quality issues, as well as planning assistance to avoid issues in the future.Support local community programs by enrolling in the voluntary Project roundUP. This tax deductible program 'rounds up' your utility bill to the next whole dollar and contributes the excess to local community organizations.Support the growth of wind and biomass energy with this innovative 'green power' program.Find emergency contact information and report power outages
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