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Pricing Options
Backup Generator Program
Are you considering an on-site backup generator to ensure uninterrupted power during an electrical outage? Or, have you already invested in a standby generator? In either case, we can help you achieve a greater return on your investment.

Backup Generator Program Our Backup Generator Program enables you to benefit from substantial payments made to your business. This program provides you with a cost-effective solution to the need for a backup generator, enabling you to operate during power outages and still gain additional financial benefit from equipment that is often idle.

By partnering with us, you will also be helping to lower energy expenses for your business and other businesses in the community over the long term. One of the most significant cost drivers in the utility industry is the need to supply reliable power during periods of high demand, constrained power or extreme pricing. These periods can accelerate the need to build expensive new power plants, driving up future power costs for all customers. However, the need for new power plants can be deferred or offset by calling on backup generation at times of peak demand -- and that helps to keep electric power affordable well into the future.

As a participant in this program, you agree to make your backup unit available as a generating resource on request. An untapped power resource is put to use, and your business gets additional return on its investment.

Our power supplier, WPPI Energy, will make monthly payments to customers with generators 500 kW or larger who choose this option. Participants must be able to bring their interconnected or standby generator online within 30 minutes notice and will be compensated for the fuel needed to power the unit when called into service by WPPI Energy.

For more information, please contact us.

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Interruptible Load Credits
Managing the demand for electricity when temperatures soar is critical to maintaining a reliable and affordable power supply. Large power customers who have the ability to shift energy usage and turn off equipment for brief stretches of time can reduce their monthly power costs while helping to ensure electric reliability during peak demand periods.

Our Interruptible Load Credits provide participating businesses with a financial incentive to reduce the strain on the electric system when the demand and price for power surges. By shedding load upon request during high-demand periods, customers can save money on their energy bill while allowing utilities to reduce peaks and control their costs.

The Interruptible Load Credits are available to commercial and industrial customers with an average peak monthly demand of at least 1,000 kilowatts (kW) who have the ability to shed a minimum of 500 kW of electrical load when notified.

Business pricing options Participants contract directly with our power supplier, WPPI Energy. Flexible contracts are available for either 5 or 10 years and are customized to fit individual customer needs.

In exchange for reducing energy consumption during periods of extreme demand for power, participants receive a payment each month from WPPI Energy. Monthly program payments are guaranteed regardless of whether or not participants are actually called upon to reduce their energy use.

During peak usage times, typically occurring in the hottest days of the summer, interruptions will be limited to no more than 40 hours per month and 300 hours per year. WPPI Energy will contact program participants at least 55 minutes prior to the need to cut energy usage and will provide an estimate of the interruption duration. When the interruption has ended, WPPI Energy will notify participants so normal operations can be resumed.

Contact us for more details on this energy management program designed to enhance systemwide electric reliability by rewarding large power customers for significantly reducing energy consumption when the demand for power peaks.

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Market-Based Pricing: Curtailable Option
During the summer of 1998, daily and hourly wholesale electric prices hit record highs that were exponentially above previous highs. The price spikes drew the attention of many, including some large commercial and industrial customers who indicated that they would be willing to curtail their consumption of firm electric service if compensated at such levels. WPPI Energy's Market-Based Pricing: Curtailable Option was designed in response to this expressed customer interest and was the first offering of its type in Wisconsin.

The Market-Based Pricing: Curtailable Option provides retail customers with the option (but not the obligation) of curtailing firm usage during high price conditions for a payment tied to the market price of energy at the time the customer curtails load.

Market-Based Pricing This curtailable option is designed to produce demand elasticity, which should dampen price spikes and protect customers that must have an uninterrupted supply of power.

The Market-Based Pricing: Curtailable Option is available to any customer who meets the following eligibility criteria.
  1. The sum of the monthly peak demands during the last complete calendar year must be greater than 60,000 kW.
  2. The Participant must have 2000 kW or greater of firm load that they are able to curtail during emergency situations.
For more information, please contact us.

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