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Report Suspicious Activity
Have you noticed something in your neighborhood or around town that relates to Stoughton Utilities that you have a concern about? Perhaps you have seen unusual activity at a water well, electric substation, wastewater lift station or water tower? Perhaps you have seen your neighbor tampering with their electric meter or utility lines and believe they may be committing electric theft, see a neighbor using a fire hydrant for any reason, or have overheard a conversation about water theft?

Help us keep our fences locked and our community safe.
Help Stoughton Stay Safe
At Stoughton Utilities, we are interested in what you observe in our service territory. This allows us to take the necessary proactive response to resolve a small issue before it negatively effects our ability to provide electric, wastewater and water service. Your diligence in reporting something unusual can help us serve you better.

Water system security is extremely important to the safety and health of our community. Local drinking water and wastewater systems may be targets for would-be criminals wishing to disrupt and cause harm to your community water supplies or wastewater facilities. The Department of Homeland Security has determined that public drinking water systems are a critical infrastructure sector, and have devoted resources to help keep them secure. You can help, simply by keeping a watchful eye on your local infrastructure.
Examples of Suspicious Behavior
Examples of suspicious activity might include:
  • People operating or tampering with fire hydrants
  • People climbing or cutting a utility fence
  • Unidentified vehicles parked or loitering near wells, water towers, substations, or other utility facilities for no apparent reason
  • Suspicious opening or tampering with manhole covers, buildings, or equipment
  • People climbing or on top of water tanks or wells
  • People photographing or videotaping utility facilities, structures or equipment
  • Strangers hanging around locked gates and fences
Please consider reporting what you observe or raise the question that you have here. For emergencies, please dial 911. Recently, a neighboring utility was the victim of a break-in at a storage facility where a theft occurred. Another neighboring utility had an employee attacked at a remote facility. Still another neighboring utility was the victim of a significant act of vandalism to their water distribution system.
Utility Theft is a Big Deal
Utility theft is more common than you might think, and it increases operating costs for Stoughton Utilities. Those costs, like all operating costs, eventually find their way back to the bills of honest customers. When utilities are unlawfully consumed, the reality is that honest, paying customers are the ones who suffer. Just as shoplifters drive up the price of merchandise in stores, those who tamper with meters to get 'free' utilities drive up costs for everyone.

In addition to the increased costs, there is also the potential for life-threatening danger. When an electrical meter socket is illegally tampered with, or an illegal connection is made to a utility transformer, it can create a very dangerous situation for everyone involved.
Anonymously Report Your Concern:
Please do not let that observation or question remain with you. Not only may your neighbor have the same question or concern, but you may help us bring a timely resolution to the issue. Please use the form below to contact us. All submitted data will be kept completely confidential and will not be shared during any investigation unless required by law enforcement.

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