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MyMeter Interval Data
MyMeter Interval Data Software Business and industrial customers with interval data metering can use MyMeter to easily and quickly track your energy usage, spot trends, and receive timely alerts whenever your energy use reaches a pre-determined level. Analyzing and managing your energy costs has never been easier.

It’s your energy. Make the most of it!

By analyzing the detailed MyMeter graphs and reports, you can find and eliminate costly demand peaks by fine-tuning equipment operation and altering work schedules, which reduces your electricity costs by lowering your overall energy demand.

To use MyMeter, you must be a business or industrial customer with interval data metering. Interval data metering is only available to customers on select rate tariffs, and requires that a new meter be installed by Stoughton Utilities. Standard customer charges for the applicable rate tariff apply, as determined by your demand load history. Contact Us to see if you business is eligible for MyMeter access.

To view your company's energy activity and keep your information secure, you'll need an assigned user name that will be provided to you by Stoughton Utilities. MyMeter is intended for interval energy analysis and not for payments or general account manager, which will require accessing the My Account online customer portal.

System Requirements
To use MyMeter, your company must have interval data metering. A computer with internet access using a modern, updated internet browser is also required. Cookies and Javascript must be enabled for full site functionality.

If you have forgotten your User Name or Password, please contact us for assistance.